Monday, November 19, 2012

My Bunny

So I wanted to make this just to show you guys how my bunny is going :3

Here's a small little collection of him when I'm at the part with him

By this time he was scared of all the children

the usual...


to much love 

there aren't any pet rabbits that I know of where I live 

Now here are some pics of him while I'm studying late at night

he looks really sleepy

OMG so cute

(slowly waking up)

cute alright

yeah.. so that's all for now..I think I will continue my blogging for a while.I stopped suddenly because I was busy and forgot about it entirely but I also forgot how fun it was :D

Halloween Pumpkin

Hey guys so i hope you had a good Halloween last month.Sorry about this late post by the way. Any who  I wanted to show you all my pumpkin of Puss in Boats.

I included the template in case any of you guys wanted to attempt it

Mini Wood Working Set

Hey everybody so it's been a while . I wanted to show you all this adorable wood work set I found while browsing today.I am not exactly sure were to by this but you can always search Google :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hey everybody so I know I haven't been on as always but I have a EXCUSE!I have beeen doing so many chores,doing work (dog sit,file papers,wash cars),done a good amount of community service,gone to amusement parks,gone to resturants(yumm),attended events,gone shopping,tryed to build up my subscriber numbers on Youtube,done hw,studyed for test(ehhhh.... kind off),celebrated holidays(how was you guy's mother's day ehh?)celebrated tons of birthday,celebrated my birthday,tryed to figure out what to do this summer,and so on.....This week I have star testing and I have community service(need to get 25 hour in order for my hours to have a worth while meaning  when I put them in my resume).Anywho My bunny and hamster have been fine and my fish is stil alive(we forget to feed it often) and we are getting 2 baby chicks this Saturday and keep them for 2 weeks.They were part of my birthday present.I really wanted to go to Catalina but i'm not so sure(sigh) and I really wnated a Dippin dot cake(once again sigh)but I guess I'll have to wait 1 more year to get those.I'll just have to do with a regular cake(i actually get fancey cakes but I really want one made of dippin dots).SO anyways how have you been.Have any plans for the summer or do you already have  break or something ehh? No-ok.Oh and I know this is rambling but this is ok...i guess.So in Spanish were having a party were all the students bring something in.In return you get extra credit for the food you bring.I am bringing 2 bags of chips because she said she would give more points for more stuff.That made me think because not everybody can afford extra goodies for them selfs-and what if they have a bad grade in that class?I don't know.I don't really like my spanish teacher(I don't like my english teacher either.My english teacher rambles and is disrespectful to the students and gives us class punishments.I am the one who dosen't cause trouble and quiet and who is not weird at the same time because I am sociable.Any who I 'm just writting this because we had free time and it looks like I used all of yours.BI

-Silly o'll bear

Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday Questions :)

Made these up cause my birthday is basicly 10 days away
  1. When is your Birthday
  2. How old are you.
  3. Do you have a party?
  4. Who do you celebrate it?
  5. Do you like number candles or stick candles?
  6. What cake do you usually get?
  7. Do you like cup cakes,ice cream cake,cake,or nothing?
  8. What do you want for you present?
  9. What's the best birthday you've ever had?
  10. What did you wanrt as a little kid for you birthday?
  11. Do you like it when people sing you Happy Birthay-the song?
  12. Have you ever got Birthday Punches?
  13. What would be the perfect Birthday?

yummmmmmm :9

Saturday, March 31, 2012

What yummy nails you have !

I was googleing a word an thought you might be intrested in looking at this-nail art done with japanese candy!Coooool.